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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Image Campaign

When I first started working at my hospital they were rolling out a new "image campaign" for our hospital. Our hospital is the only level 1 trauma hospital in the state so it's where all the shooting or stabbing victims are taken; And for a long time had a very scary reputation. For a while everyone was like "If I ever get sick don't take me there, thats where they take all them gang bangers." And with Jackson having the 14th highest crime rate in the nation, we can all see why.

Anywhoo, a few years ago we got a new CEO and members of administration, and they wanted to start promoting our hospital as a preferred choice over the bad reputation and rumors we were known for. So they rolled out our new "image campaign" as they called it. They started displaying our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers on large billboards around town. They all had the header: "My passion is......" and then it would say something like "patient care" or "helping families in need" you know, normal stuff like that.

So, to help generate a sense of fun and togetherness between my floor's staff, I came up with the idea to create our own image campaign for our floor. For lack of a better title I simply called it "the 4 south image campaign."

I ran around taking pictures of everyone acting silly and told them they had to pose for pics for our new campaign. We ended up having a lot of fun. You'd be amazed how just a silly camera can bring folks together! I mean, people who don't even like each other would huddle up and smile for a picture. Here are a few of my favorites:

But seriously, I work with the greatest group of peeps. They are not just good at their jobs, they are great! We're the best and we know it! And we can have fun while doing it, as you can see! Some days are so hard we have no idea how we can get through even one more hour much less an entire day. But we work well as a team and are there for each other and we get through it. I love y'all 4 South! Y'all Rock!!!

Here are a few more just random pics I took:
We were all making fun of the patients who will go outside and smoke with their highly combustible oxygen tanks.

Thats me resuscitating Carley my bestest friend.

The Angels of 4 South??

Jen and Ron

1 comment:

Will and Carley said...

A few thoughts on this...
1. I miss working with you all day =(
2. I do not miss working with adults, g-ross.
3. I love Wendy.
4. Look how blonde and tan we used to be!
5. I need a DC, STAT!