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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Day Back

So yeah~ Today sucked.

And, I have a HARD job. Both physically and mentally. What other kind of job can you have where you get 12 hours to finish your work, and that is NO where near enough time to get everything done?

Working on a Neuro floor can be very interesting though. With a Neuro floor, it's like babysitting a bunch of drunks all day long. For example, Last night they had a patient, that sneaked out of his room wearing only his BVD's, had plastic knives clinched tightly in both fists, dripping blood from the IV that he CHEWED off, sliding in and out of the other patients rooms and mumbling to himself. He never hurt anyone, but a code white (aggressive person/fight)was called, and security guards had to tackle him. Just another day at work! And this is everyday y'all! (for you Carley)

first St. P Day
First St. Patrick's Day

But back to my baby... Ever stubborn, he refused to eat for the sitter and my husband. He decided to stick it out and just wait for me. Ron eventually brought him up to see me at work. We have a very nice breastfeeding/ pump room and it's not far at all from my floor. We had a great visit and I begged Ron not to take him home, to just stay at my work and play. But for some reason he wouldn't. Who knows?


When I got home Ron and Evan had a basket of tulips and candy for me. Sooooo cute! They made the end of a bad day just a little sweeter!

(P.S. Sometimes I wish we were Play-doh people and Evan was a Play-doh baby and I could squish him into me and we could be stuck together and so that way I can bring him to work. Because I need him that close to me at all times. Weird? Thoughts?)



Will and Carley said...

you are the cutest mom, ever. why can't pts just cooperate and NOT run down the hall naked your first day back?! seriously, we should write a book on pt etiquette.

Anonymous said...

omg - the play-doh people/baby imagery is awesome!! the most creative thing I've heard in a while - love it!! :)

Love You, Sister!! and my Eban, too!!