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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to Work

Tomorrow I start back to work.

I am scared and excited all @ the same time.It just feels unnatural to leave him. But leaving him won't be the hardest part, it will be staying away that will be hardest for me. When I'm away I miss him so bad! Even when it's only a few hours. But We are lucky, we have a sweet lady that will be coming to our house to watch him, and she has made this a lot easier on us. I know he will get individualized attention here at our own house than at daycare.

wish me luck, maybe I can sweet talk Ron into bringing him by for a visit.


Blair said...

You'll be okay, promise :)

The first week sucked. Actually...the first month blew chunks.

But it got easier. TONS easier.

Jen and Ron said...

ummm...... you aint lying, Today suuuuuccccckkkkkked!