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Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Cute is that Baby in the Bucket?

The first time Ron and I saw the Wash Pod, we were watching The Soup, and died out laughing! What a ridiculous idea! "It's basically a mop bucket!"
Then, when I was researching the best bathing products via Amazon, I ran across the ole bucket again. I started reading the customers reviews and was blown away. Everyone loved the ridiculous bucket, AND it soothed colicky babies! Well I had to buy it. So I gave it to Ron as a birthday gift, because he is very practical and doesn't understand why I would pay $20 for a bucket that "you can get at Lowe's for $5?"
But it IS different than a mop bucket. it has a sturdier base so it doesn't tip over, and it has a squishy seat for his cute hiney. Being submerged in the water is supposed to soothe colicky babies because it reminds them of being in the womb.
Evan didn't care for it during his first bath, but he didn't care for any other "first" bath either. Now he loves it and cries when I take him out. I don't care how strange my bucket looks. It gives me a sense of security when bathing my super slippery baby and he loves it!

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