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Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 3 & 4

So I only worked till 1 on Wed, well I was supposed to, some heffer held me up because she can't prioritize or multi-task. I digress; Anyway when I finally got home Evan's Nanny said that he did better with the bottle. But he still didn't eat much. But I am assuming that meant that he didn't cry as much at the bottle. Then yesterday he latched right on the bottle the first time she offered it, like he has always done it! Twice! Lil conman!

Then Daddy/Ron gets home... same thing like an ole pro. This is both good and bad news. Good because now I can go on a date or to a movie or something without worrying the whole time that my kid is screaming his head off. Bad because now I don't have and excuse to have Ron bring him up to the hospital to see me. And I did ask Ron to bring him up and see me anyway Thursday. To which Ron texted me: "Nope, we're not coming we don't need you anymore." Even though he was just kidding, I feel like this is the first step in him not needing me anymore. Another new/weird feeling as a parent. Happiness and sadness all in one.


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SMJ said...

I know that feeling... :(