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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ok So We didn't GO!

So we didn't go to the Parade. Ron made me feel like a liar, so thats why I am writing this post. My house is a wreck right now because we are doing some home renovations, and I just really wanted to get some more done on our house. So shoot me!

Plus the parade wouldn't have been THAT much fun for us. Now that my sis and her kids are in ATL it just wouldn't have been as fun without them. Nobody throws beads to the sober 30 yr olds. No they throw the beads to the little kids, the drunks, and the silly teenage girls dressed like sluts (yes the "Halloween slut rule" does apply to the St. P. parade here in Jack-town.) Plus I don't really want beads. I mean I do at the time, then I get home and I'm like "What the Hell am I gonna do with these things" I don't want them in my house. And honestly, we would have been worried the whole time that the beads would have pelted E-man in the head.

(My niece and nephew a couple of years ago @ the parade.)

I usually DO go just for the "people watching" and that is SO much fun. I mean it's Mississippi. Think mullets, mustaches, and cut-off jeans! Plus THOSE people now have an excuse to dress up! It's a recipe for disaster, and even better people watching. Almost as good as the State Fair. Almost. Nothing is that good. The Fa-reaks come out for state fair! And thats award winning people watching folks!


SMJ said...

Right there with ya - I wanted to take the kids to the Smyrna events for St. P but just didn't feel up to it once the time arrived... Plus, it was pouring that day; maybe they were canceled.

We had Mexican at one of our favorite places. Gabi had taken off her green she wore to school, so when I told her I was gonna pinch her, she grabbed a green tortilla chip and kept it by her the rest of dinner. :P

SMJ said...

PS - I just noticed that there's an OPTION below to send follow up comments to my email... So I'll know when you reply this time. woo hoo! Learnin' something new every day!