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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day Two

Today was not as bad as yesterday. Still painful mind you, but not as bad.

Yesterday when I called Evan's nanny to check on him, he was sleeping. I was surprised because every time I call when Ron has him, he is crying. So you can imagine my shock when he wasn't crying for the nanny. It's not that I WANTED him to be crying, But I really was convinced that he would be. So I have been terrified that nanny would quit the first day because of the excessive crying. It was just kind of a weird emotion to experience. On one hand, I was sad, like "Awww, he doesn't need me" but at the same time I was relieved just for the sitter's sake. I don't know, I can't describe it, it was just a strange emotion to experience.

And then today, I called and he was a little fussy and I could hear him through the phone...... Ummmmm whatya know? JUST as painful! And weird. I burst into tears both times. I couldn't help myself. (But I totally did that thing where your on the phone with someone and you're crying but you don't want them to know, so you disguise your voice and pause a lot like your thinking and NOT crying like a big fat baby. Or am I the only one?) But like I said, It wasn't AS bad today. Plus knowing that I don't have to be back at work until Wed helped too.

Evan on the other hand was still being stubborn; But he caved a little. He ate 1 oz for his sweet nanny. And then 2 oz for Daddy (AKA Ron, still weird for me to call him that). So thats 3 oz in 8 hours. That's better than yesterday's 1 oz in 8 hours! I guess we are just late bloomers at the Landreth house.


Camille said...

I feel your pain!! - or HAVE felt it... I seem to recall Gab calling you "momma" before, right?? (or am I remembering this wrong?)

Also, didn't YOU call Dawn "momma" too?

A mother's heart is fragile......

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

It WILL get better, love. I promise. I'm three months into this and FINALLY starting to get my groove back.

Give yourself time & patience :)

(oh, how I HATED when people told me that & here I am, giving you the same assvice. sorry!)