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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mommy Bloggin

OMG!~ My favorite mommy blogger: Blair from The Heir to Blair commented on my page! I feel like I just met a celebrity! Even though I never talked to her. She is the #1 Mommy blogger and she read MY blog and actually took the time to comment! Even though my blog needs some "fattening" up, (b/c I haven't typed much in the past) she still said she reads mine! Isn't that great? Well... if everyone read her blog as religiously as I do, then you would agree this is great news! I feel like I need to post more so I don't disappoint. So I promise to TRY to post more on my blog.
Jen and Ron


Blair said...

haha, you are too much. I promise, I'm not that cool ;)

Will and Carley said...

you're such a big deal, and why did I not get a text, sucka?