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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Family Vacation in Gulf Shores (5/22/10-5/29/10)

My family went on our first family vacation in 15 years! And by family I mean with my Mom and bro and sis. I did go on a family vacation last year to Gatlinburg, but that was with my father's side of the family. Anyway, we had a wonderful condo on the 16th floor in a very swanky complex. It had 5 swimming pools and cabanas and swim-up bars and refreshment stands. But just let me tell ya, Even though it was very beautiful, the people who own the condos were a bunch of stuck up not so friendly folk. I guess money doesn't buy friendliness. If that's how you act when you have lots of money, then I'll be happy being middle class. Oh well, we still enjoyed ourselves. Here are sme pics.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Old Friends

When Ron, E, and I were in Memphis this past weekend, we met up with one of Ron's old high school friend, his wife and baby. She is a month older than Evan but they are the same size. And apparently they must look alike because everyone asked us if they were twins. All we said was "No, their boyfriend/girlfriend" But they were so cute together. She kept on grabbing his hand, and he would have nothing to do with her. Hope it stays that way past puberty.


Lindsey over @ Rocking the Mini-van nominated me for an award and part of the award involves me answering some questions. So here we go.

1. Why do you blog? I blog for a means of recording our lives since we became a "we." Also it is an outlet sometimes. I also blog so family and friends from out of town can feel like they are right here with us watching all of Evan's firsts.
2. What  is your favorite food addiction? Chocolate chocolate and more chocolate.
3. If you had the whole day to yourself, what would you do with your time? I usually do have a couple of days a week off of work. And I spend the day with Evan playing. If I had a day all to myself, I guess I would get a facial, massage, a manicure and pedicure, and my hair and makeup done. Then I want Ron to take me out for dinner and a movie.
4. What made you decide to be a SAHM or a working mom? I would love to be a stay @ home mom but unfortunately I can not have the big fancy house and all that I want for Evan without my income. So, for now, I'll be working.
5. What would be your dream job? I would love to have a baby store where I sold the cutest baby stuff plus cloth diapers, since there is no where in this state to buy them. That way I can bring my boo-man to work with me. 
6. What show do you secretly watch that no-one else knows about? Kendra, I started watching after she had her baby. I wanted to know how a playboy bunny loses the baby weight.
7. If you were on extreme makeover, what would be the 1st thing you would want them to change about you? I would need some major liposuction
9. Big family or small family? Normal size family. I want to have a little girl so we will try for a girl next time.
10. What 2 blogs can you not live with out?    
Heir to Blair
Spilt Moo Juice

Twenty-one Week Photo

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Modern Family

I must admit I am terribly in love with the ABC  show Modern Family. I can't help it. It's the funniest show ever! Today I texted my friend Carley "Hey did you see Modern Family last night" to which she immediately called back and said "Yes! Duh, It's the best show ever!" Then we had to have 20 min discussion about which were our favorite parts of the episode. That inevitably lead to a in depth convo about our other favorite episodes. It really is the funniest show ever. I can't say it enough. I totally want my parenting style to be like that of Claire and Phil. Please Please Please, If you have stumbled upon this blog, please for the love of all things funny, watch this show! You won't regret it!

Here is the link so you can start watching episodes online right now.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day and I wanted to do a post in her honor. My mom is the most talented person I know. And I am not just biased, she really is. Growing up with her as a mother definitely had it's perks, especially around school project time. All you would have to do is just mention something to her and she could whip up something amazing. It is definitely where my sister gets it from. I just wanted to make a list of all the things my mom is great at, and I appreciate every one.

She is a:
1. Singer: she sings wonderful. My whole life I grew up around her singing and have her to thank for my love of music. Here is her youtube page with her singing some classics and some originals.
2. Painter:

She is now an accomplished painter, and has her art displayed in a local gallery as well as some local business and homes here and cross country.
3. Author: She as written, illustrated and wrote songs for a children's book that has not been published yet. It is a wonderful book and teaches great morals.
4. Cheerleader: she is always my siblings and my greatest cheerleader. I remember her helping me and my fellow cheerleaders making huge banners for my pep rallies, and she was at every game to watch me perform.
5. Gymnastic's coach: After school we would go to our church for after school care. My mom was one of the after school teachers. She would line us up and teach us all gymnastics. She taught me my first backhand spring.
6. Sculptor: she can make anything. Be it stained glass, clay, or grocery bag, if she can think it she can create it. I remember for one our Halloween parties she made a 16 foot paper mache loch ness monster, 10 foot killer taradactyl, 6 ft tarantula, and 18 ft long anaconda.
7. Jewelry maker:

She makes and sells jewelry at a local boutique here in Madison. And it's sooo pretty.
8. Guitarist: she basically taught herself guitar
9. Pianist: she had piano lessons like forever ago but still can play the Entertainer like it ain't no body's business.
10. Song writer:  here is a link to her Youtube site where you can listen to all of her songs.
11. Decorator: she has great taste and can decorate a house or business as good as a professional.
12. Dog Trainer: she can train a dog, pig, bird, you name it she can train it. She always said training kids is the hardest though.
13. she makes the best chicken spaghetti and Lasagna ever: Nuff said!!
14. Web designer: Once again a self taught feat. here is a link to her own website she created The Creative Thumb
15. Beautician:

she has been helping others feel beautiful for 30 years now. Not to mention me for 30 years.
16. Comedian:

she is one of the goofiest people I know, that has to be where I get it from. Growing up she always took my stuffed animals and tucked their tails in between their legs. Perverted? yes, but she gave me my sense of humor, which in turn allowed me to attract my  husband and his very unique sense of humor. So see the universe makes sense.
17. Animal Lover: Thanks to her undying compassion for animals (a trait I inherited) I now have 2 cats, 2 dogs, fish, and a rabbit. And probably a bird soon.
18. Party Planner: Ahhh the parties, when I was in 8th grade she planned the most outrageous Halloween party that was worthy of that show My Sweet 16, because no expense was too much. She dropped thousands and definitely could have worked for universal studios.
19. Spiritual Soul: . She is always reading and researching more ways to be more spiritually aware.
20. And lastly a Mother:

 She has taught me about unconditional love, and how I want to be as a mother. I don't want to be just like her, I want to be better, which I know are some hard shoes to fill but, isn't that what every mother wants for her child?

I love you Moma, Happy Mother's Day
Love, Jen

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Ipad

This is Ron posting.  Jen has been obsessing about the new Ipad ever since they have come out.  She has fallen hook, line, and sinker for the marketing campaign.  I personally think it is just a large iphone and way overpriced.  Jen however thinks she can't live without it and hardly a day goes by that she asks if she can have one.  So I broke down and got her an Ipad.  I know I know I'm the greatest husband ever!!!!!!!  Here are some pics.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Twin (for 2 days only!)

Today is my sister's birthday. And Sunday is mine. I was born in 1980 and she came around and was born the next year in 1981. So for 2 days we are twins, according to my sis. We are very close and were always the best of friends growing up. Even though, if you went back in time to when we were teenagers, neither of us would admit that we were. But at the end of the day we knew we had each others backs. My sister literally had my back this one time......at band camp (J/K, I've just always wanted to say that)

Let's go back to Valentine's Day 7th grade. (My sis was in the 6th grade) And we were riding the bus home from school sitting in the back (thats where the cool kids sat, ya know) eating our candy and minding our own business. When this dork (who sat in the front) started trowing those little conversation hearts at us. After a while of trying to ignoring him, he continued to throwing candy at us and I'd had enough.

So like any 7th grade girl would do, I calmly walked to the front of the bus and smeared the chocolate that I had strategically melted in my hands, all over his face. And then, I calmly returned to my seat in the back of the bus. Now I know it was immature and my mom DID raise me right, but he was so annoying and would not stop! Plus I was in 7th grade. Not exactly the peak of my maturity.

Well that really set this little punk off, because unbeknownst to me, this kid was wearing a brand new shirt his moma had just bought him. So there he sat, just fuming and contemplating his revenge. My sister and I both knew that our stop was before his, and  inevitably we would have to pass him to get off the bus. So we set up our exit strategy. I was armed with the only thing i had: pink nail polish. The plan was: if he came after me, I would splash him with the nail polish and when he looked down to see what I had thrown at him, I would take off the bus. But Camille's exit strategy was way more gangsta than mine......

When the bus driver got to our stop we stayed close together and tried to get off as fast as we could. But as I was passing his seat that lil freak jumped up and somehow managed to get  me in a choke-hold! I tried to splash him with my nail polish, but the effect turned out very different than what I had planned in my head. Instead of spraying him with polish it just kinda dripped on him.

So anyway there he was, choking me. Well the dumb-ass forgot that my sister was behind him.  So without missing a beat, she exclaimed "LET GO OF MY SISTER!!!" And bopped him on the head with her clarinet case, enabling me to get away. He then went after her when she tried to get past him, but she whacked him again when he got a hold of her neck.

I didn't think anything else of the matter until the following Monday when I was pulled from my class to go to the Principal's office. (Remember how scary it was to be called to the Principal's office? Going to the Principal's office, to me was the worst thing ever. Everyone in class would all say in unison "aahh woo wooooooooo!") So anyway, I got to his office and waves of nausea hit me when I walked up and saw my sister, my parents, another parental looking unit, and that punk-ass kid all standing there with the principal. I knew we were in deep you know what.

So long story short, we were banned from the bus, and my parents had to reimburse his mom for the ruined shirt, plus we were grounded for like ever. But you know what, my sister had my back. And to this day she'd whoop anyone else's ass if they were truly trying to hurt her family, or die trying. So this blog post is for you sis, Love ya! Hope you have a great birthday today!

P.S. We were not hellians growing up, in fact this was my first and only fight, and trip to the dreaded Principal's office. Plus, did you see anywhere in my post about how the bus driver tried to stop any of this? No you didn't, because he just sat there laughing and promoting student on student violence.

I wish I could remember that kids name and look him up on facebook to get his recollection of this same story, I bet it would be funny (that is, if he doesn't have a brain injury from my sister's clarinet.)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Evan tested Mom approved

When I was pregnant I would devour the internet looking for the best and most highly recommended baby products. Nothing made me happier than finding people's lists of baby's most needed products. And as Evan heads into his 5th month, I decided to make my own list. So here goes.

1.) Itzbeen Timer
I really found this little baby handy for me. Since Evan is my first baby I needed to learn his cues and cries. And I also wanted to figure out his feeding/sleeping/pooping schedule to report back to the doctor. I figure I can use it for timouts when he gets older too.
2.) The Miracle Blanket
We really loved the Miracle Blanket to swaddle lil man tight on his most colicy nights. It's the only way to wrap.
3.)  My Little Lamb Swing
We still use this swing and will continue to until he just won't fit anymore. It swings side to side or back and forth. When he was really little he would only swing front to back, now he swings side to side. We all really enjoy swing time.
4.) Angel Care Monitor
This really gives us piece of mind. This monitor alarms if it detects no movement after 20 seconds. It has never malfunctioned on us. We only know it works because we will pick Evan up and forget to turn it off. 20 seconds later there it goes. If you read the reviews on this product, everyone says the monitor that comes with it sucks and it does. We also have a cheap baby monitor and use that instead. Kinda pricey, but worth every penny for moms piece of mind.
5.) Medela Pump in Style
This pump is the only way to roll if you gotta pump. It's so quiet and gets the job done quickly. With a $300 price tag, it can be expensive, but you can always find these on Craigslist that have only been used like 2 or 3 times, for way cheap. Its so worth it cause you can buy replacement breast shields and bottles for super cheap. Plus when you buy from a store it comes standard with small breast shields and according to Medela's own website most women use a large or extra large shield. So you've got drop more dough. Kinda dumb right? I thought so too.
6.) Footy pajamas
These were a must for my kicky little man. I had a few of those gowns that were supposed to be great for middle of the night diaper changes. But what I would find in the middle of the night was a gown half way up his chest with freezing cold little toes. Plus he is so stinkin cute in these. Carters makes really cute ones.
7.) The Wash Pod
I love this bath bucket. I thought it was bizarre the first time I saw it, but I started reading reviews on Amazon and everyone said it was great for colicy babes, it reminds them of being back in the womb. And Evan loves it. There is a post on my blog somewhere on here of him splashing around in his bucket.
8.) Gerber Cloth Diapers
Evan's nanny uses these for when Evan spits up. They are just the best to use hands down.
9.) BumGenius Cloth Diapers
These are the best diapers to start cloth diapering with in my and many other moms opinion. They are Ron's favorite to use as well because some of the other kinds of cloth diapers are just too confusing for him to figure out.
10.) Baby Carrier
One of Ron's friends got us this Beco baby carrier. We would not have splurged for it ourselves. But it was great when Evan was so colicy and just wanted to be held close. Most days it was the only way to get him to sleep and stop crying.
11.) Latex Playtex Nipples
Once Evan Finally decided to use a bottle, the latex nipple is the only way to go as far as he is concerned. And it's the same with pacifiers. He didn't take a pacifier until he was 3 months old, and he will only take latex ones. Latex is supposed to be more like mom. Evan seems to agree.
12.) Rainforest Play Yard
Evan wouldn't really use this until he was over his colic phase (3 months) but now he loves it. He grabs ahold to his toys and chats with him for 20 mins.
13.) Rainforest Jumparoo
He did really like this from the moment I put him in it. His feet couldn't hit the bottom at first so we put the wii balance board under him so he can stand. He loves standing up so this is perfect for him.
14.) Giraffe Mat
This is what Evan uses for tummy time. It's so soft and fluffy and don't forget cute and totally fits into our giraffe motif.
15.) Cloud B Giraffe
I forgot to put this in my post on my obsession with giraffes. Don't know if it really works for him. But when his baby monitor is on, and I hear it through the monitor, I fall asleep. So win win.

I am sure I have much more and I can always post more. I'm thinking I'll do an Evan tested and NOT approved post. So look forward for that OK?