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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Whats up with that?

Please tell me why it was SNOWING in Mississippi on Sunday, and today I smothering in this heat? What up with that? Seriously I could not get comfortable today I was so stinkin hot!

But seriously, this weather makes me wanna go walking with my stroller around the block. So we did and I had my heart rate monitor on so I could be motivated by how many calories I was burning. But idiot me forgot to turn the thing on. Duh! Oh well even though there's no documented proof, I did work out today. Plus lugging around a 13 lb 3 month old probably helped me burn a few extra calories. I say lugging around because on the way back towards the house E-man decided to fuss. So I carried him while Ron pushed the stroller. Yep, the 3 month old definitely wears the pants in our house!

Oh well. He will really show us who's boss tomorrow. I go back to work again and we haven't been "practicing" with our bottle. We tried a few times yesterday and today and he has been hell on wheels. Let's all pray that he's good for the sitter tomorrow and she doesn't quit!

Jen and Ron

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