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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shopping on Saturday

Ron is out of town for a bachelor party, leaving us for the first time. It was rather cute when he was like "I'm gonna miss my lil man" I know moms are like that but I didn't know dads were like that too. It's really cute.

So today my bestie Carley and I went to Target because she needed to get her nephew a gift for his 2nd birthday party. Let me tell ya, Jackson can be a scary place sometimes. As we were waiting for our Starbucks mocha frap and coffee, we watched a very entertaining chain of events unfold basically right at our feet. Right at the front door by those metal detector looking things, we saw 2 rather large police men taking down this scrawny Micheal Stipe looking fella. But they didn't really seem to have a good handle on the guy cause he just kept wiggling loose. It was like he was a slippery bar of soap that just kept popping out of their fingers. Funny that I used that analogy because the Starbucks lady who was less than phased by the whole thing announced that he does this all the time. Then the kicker....

"He likes to steal soap." SOAP Really? Out of all the goodies @ target and you choose soap? I don't know how to react really. Should I feel sorry for this guy cause he can't afford soap or is he just a kleptomaniac and it just happened to be soap today.

Anyway, after all that we were in the toy isle and I found this.....

Remember Jack in a box? Who doesn't love Jack in a box? I had to have it! Especially since I am collecting vintage style toys for E~man. I already have this:

and my sister got me some really cute wooden blocks and I knitted him a sock monkey. I just love vintage toys. I think target has a whole collection of classic toys which I will be frequenting in the future I'm sure. What others am I forgetting that I need?

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