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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cloth Diapers

Ron and I have been cloth diapering for a couple of months now. We love them and think they are a great investment and an environmentally friendly/responsible option to disposables. Plus Evan's little hiney is so stinkin cute in them! Especially when he only has a t-shirt and baby legs! Our only problem is this: living in Mississippi, there is no where to buy them. We have done a lot of research online and have ordered them and had them shipped. If I could open a cloth diaper store here in Mississippi I would. I would also carry Moby wraps, they don't sell them here either. Also, as I found out yesterday...Not many daycare centers (if any) will use cloth diapers. Apparently, they have a policy about how to "dispose of fecal matter." Most days I really do not like living where we are so far behind everyone else.

Anyway, I am slowing building up my "stash" as they call it. To date we have 5 BumGenius 3.0, 4 BumGenius 2.0, 2 GDiapers, 1 Flip, 1 Econobum, 1 Babykicks, 1 Smartipants, and 2 Fuzzibunz. Now I have my sights set on GroBaby diapers. I have been wanting to order these as well, but they are a couple of dollars more expensive than these others and I just haven't bitten the bullet yet. So now I am trying to win some. All I need to do is write a blog post about how I began cloth diapering. So here we go.....

I had thought about cloth diapering when I was pregnant. Our friends Chris and Charlotte had neighbors who were a little farther along than we were; and they told us that they would be cloth diapering and using disposables when they need to go out or have a sitter. Honestly, (and probably like many people are thinking about us) I thought they were a little weird. But I kept thinking about cloth diapers so I Googled them. They were so cute! And not at all what I thought they would be like. I guess I was so used to what my mom and grandma told me about what cloth diapering was like for them, that I just assumed they were a hassle.

I knew I wanted to try them but then I became nervous and overwhelmed about a) how to use them? b) if they leaked? c) how many to buy to start with? d) how to wash them? e) what do you do with them when they poop in them? Then, while asking our friend Ashlie (who lives somewhere way cooler: Colorado) advice about baby slings, she mentioned how she was obsessed with baby-wearing, strollers and cloth diapers. So I picked her brain for any info I could. She gave me a ton of info, websites, and then sent me one of her cloth diapers. Even then, I was still skeptical. But I kept up my research and looking at pictures of those cutie patooties in cloth diapers, and eventually I was HOOKED!!

We started our collection by using a Target giftcard from our baby shower and ordered our first 2 BumGenius 3.0 diapers. As soon as they got here I knew I needed more and I needed them YESTERDAY! Since then, I have been online shopping sales and reading reviews and slowing ordering 2-3 diapers at a time, totally resisting the urge to buy 30 in one sitting. I am totally obsessed with cloth diapers and trying different brands and adding them to my stash. Who knows how far I will let this obsession take me? I have already done away with paper towels and paper napkins in favor of cloth!


Anonymous said...

Agreed: With a cute booty like that, how can you possibly resist covering it with cloth and throwing on some leg warmers?? I want to see more cute booty pics!

Ergo Baby Carrier said...

Another factor to be taken into consideration is the stretchability of the wrap. We focus more on woven wraps, which can still snuggle a baby, but give greater support as the newborn puts on pounds