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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Winner Is..............

Platex LATEX nipples!

After 8 hours of silicone nipples! So newsflash, Evan did pick up my stubbornness and "lil man" held out for 8 hours. Thank goodness for Ron's determination, because I wanted to cave. I never wanted to wimp out so bad in my life! I AM WEAK!!!! I had to leave the house several times to collect myself. I could not stand it! I knew I had a simple answer to his problem right under my shirt and It would be so easy to fix everything, but I couldn't. It was torture.

We have been "practicing" with Evan for a week now. Because when I go back to work, Evan will be with the sitter from 620- 3,4, or 5 which is when Ron gets off work. So this past week, as soon as Ron got home from work I would leave, and since I will be working 12 hour shifts I would have to find something to do until about 8, which is when I normally get home.

I was always was a phone call away in case Ron needed help. Usually "shopping" at Walgreen's. They probably recognize my face by now and wonder why I'm always there. And that's exactly where I went during the "stand-off". Stalking the Easter candy isle. Because the only thing that I can think of to calm my "I'm torturing my baby" blues is Reece's peanut butter Easter Eggs. Mmmmm... The best part of my horrific day.

So anyway, When I finally decided to return home, Evan was still fighting the bottle. It had been close to 8 hours and I was ready to throw in the towel. I told Ron that we would start again tomorrow, but I couldn't do it anymore. He just insisted that if we didn't stick to our guns, that the sitter would definitely be a goner. So, remembering what I had read on a lot of Mommy forums, I said "Let's try a Latex nipple." Bingo! latched right on. Now I'm not sure if he just finally just gave in to hunger, or it really was the latex nipple.He did seem want to eat from the silicone, but it was like he just couldn't figure it out.

I had been researching for a while what was the best bottle for a breastfed baby, and most sources said the Playtex Natural nurser with a Latex nipple is the closest to a mother's breast. But we have tried it and he never latched on. All we knew is that he did latch on ONCE to a Dr. Brown bottle. So we were persistent with the Dr. Browns. Now I feel bad I didn't try this sooner. But I was in panic mode. Anyway, it's day 2 and he only put up a very small fuss for this mornings bottle. Hopefully he is this good for the sitter Wednesday.

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