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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The many names of Evan

How is my kid ever gonna learn his name when I seem to come up with a new nickname daily? Here is the list so far....
"Boo Man"
"lil man"
"Baby Man"
and of course simply "E"

Jen and Ron


Lindsey said...

I call my lil man Ben Bop or Boppers and if you ask him his name he will tell you Bop lol

Will and Carley said...

Ebbie baby, he's so sute =)

Jen and Ron said...

See another name thanks Car...

Camille said...

Christian skated by that one, but poor Gabi didn't:

Gabriella, Gabi, Gab, Gabi-Girl, Gabi Mac, Gooby, Goob, and sometimes just "Goo"