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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fat Fridays

So I didn't gain or lose weight this week. I stayed exactly the same. So I guess thats good news and bad news at the same time.

But can we please talk about boobs for a second? While some of my pre preg pants can fit now. Almost none of my pre preg shirts can fit. And it's because of the ridiculously large boobs I have been "blessed" with since Evan was born.

 I was shopping for Spanx for the wedding the other day, and the lady measured me for a new bra while she was at it. Before pregnancy I wore a 36 C or D when I gained a few. Now, I am seriously embarrassed to  say is a DDD or G. Isn't that horrible? I didn't know that a G even existed. No one wants to be that big! Even Pamela Anderson didn't decide to go that big. I wonder what size Dolly Parton is? Probably isn't as big as the new me. I hate them.

But every one says they will go down when I am done breast feeding. But what if they don't? What am I gonna do with them? I hated the ladies when I was a D. Now I despise them. When ever I lose weight the boobs are the last to go down and the first place I gain weight as well.

These are my boobs when I got them down to a B. I miss you, small boobies.

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Camille said...

This makes me sad. Stupid boobs.