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Friday, April 2, 2010

FatASS Friday

So in honor of McFatty Mondays over at Heir to Blair (my fav blog) my new friend Lindsey and I are starting a spin-off. FatA$$ Friday. I found her while blogstalking Blair's blog as usual. Actually I was scrolling through her comment section looking for Blair-haters (you know, people who have nothing better to do than to comment mean and hateful things on other people's blogs) Blair has the most faithful followers and if you mess with her, you might jus get hit in tha thoat wit a hamma! Sorry my ghetto side just came out.

Thats me being straight up HOOD.

Anywhoots, Like I was saying, I stumbled across her blog and thought her name was to die for. "Rocking the Minivan" Love it! I read a post on her blog about how she wanted to lose the baby weight and to become a MILF, I found this so hilarious b/c literally just days before I read her post, I had said the exact same thing. Even though my sis thinks its weird, I do. See she takes it too literal, I just meant I wanted to be a hot mama I don't actually want men/boys fantasizing about me nekkid! (Or MAYBE I do! Mwah ha ha ha!)

Ok here's my sister giving the sexy look.

Totally pulls it off Right?

OK now here's me

Take away the cleavage and I'm totally making the "hope no one noticed I just farted" smirk.

OK, Lets focus here. The whole point of this post is to officially kick off FatA$$ Friday. I will be keeping up with my progress and posting it on Fridays. Although Blair is my hero I am too chicken to put my actual weight on here, but I shall take pics and post lbs lost to date. Sorry but some people who know me might find knowing this number so very important to them and I can't live with knowing that my downfalls truly makes someone else's day.

I really really really don't want to take a before picture, but I know how important they are. But like I said earlier, all I can imagine is a group of people laughing and pointing at my before picture. Gawd Here goes........

Jen and Ron


Jen and Ron said...

Sorry couldn't do it. I'm too chicken. I took the pic and it was AWFUL and I just cant post it now. Maybe when I lose some and can see a difference I might post it.

Blair said...

Even if you never post it publicly, KEEP IT!! Seriously, pictures are the best motivators :)


check in with us on Mondays, okay??? Even though you have your own fab Friday thing going ;)