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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Wii Fit Story

So I couldn't post my fat picture. It was too embarrassing. I swear I have a mental disorder that is the exact opposite of anorexia. You know how whenever anorexics look in the mirror all they see is a fat person? Well I'm a fat person and whenever I look into the mirror, all I see is "Hey...Not too shabby" But then I see a picture of myself and Good Lordy! I know cameras add like 140 lbs but this is ridiculous!

When my friend Lindsey and I agreed to do FatA$$ Fridays we discovered that we both had Wii fit and decided to post pictures of our progress on Wii. And while reading her post from her Fat Friday, I suddenly remembered a funny story......

Ron got me Wii Fit the day it came out for my birthday present. I was so excited cause it was finally out and I was going to lose a little weight. Well I didn't waste a minute, I put it straight in and started playing. OK, so the first thing you do is pick your character (Mii) that you will be playing with. As you can guess, I had already spent several hours creating my super cute petite blonde character.Then you set up your Wii Balance board and weigh in.

This is my Mii.

Now let me just tell ya. I am 5 foot nothing and was a gymnast for 15 years. I have a lot more muscle mass than most folks. Which in turn makes me weigh more. I know this. And I know that when calculated, my BMI is never going to be accurate. I know it just sounds like an excuse but it's the truth.

So there I am, weighing in, all excited to have my new game. Then I see my cute little character on screen jumping off her Wii balance board and waiting for her weigh in results as well. Then the worst thing ever happened. She swelled up like a blowfish! The Wii calculated my BMI based on my height and age and adjusted her to look more "accurate." Watch this video. This is what it did. Although more extreme this time around.

Now I am used to BMI calculators saying I am over weight. But never in a million years, did I expect this GAME to ruin my cute little character and make her fat! An emotional wave took over me and next thing you know I am doubled over on my Wii balance board sobbing! I couldn't help it. "Now my birthday present was calling me fat? I give up!"

Ron came running out of the kitchen not knowing what to do. "I didn't mean to get you a present that is going to make you cry!" Then I started laughing, cause it WAS ridiculous and I knew it was going to do that. The Wii and I eventually made up and I lost 30 lbs. But to this day I still think the game acts a little smug when I have to weigh in.

That is Evan's Mii on the new Wii Fit Plus.

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