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Friday, April 23, 2010

What's Behind that Door?

So my birthday is on Mother's Day this year. I know, cool right? My first Mother's Day and 30th birthday wrapped in one fun package!

Anyway, back to the door. OK, so the other day Ron was talking to my mom about....well I don't know, whatever they talk about. Who knows, I wasn't paying attention. Then Ron started asking her a question in his own little covert way. Well my mom didn't pick up on his cryptic question cause she was just like "Huh? What are you talking about?" To which Ron said "Never mind" 

Well then, that's when I started paying attention. Because I know Ron well enough to know when he is hiding something. So I started grilling him to tell me what he was asking my mom. And finally he said that he asked her if she looked in the closet in our garage over the weekend while she was checking on our pets. And I was like "Why are you asking my mom about the closet?" Turns out Ron has my birthday present in this closet. And it is KILLING me to not simply go and open that dang door and see what it is!

Plus, I am so glad that my mom was too dumb to pick up on his top secret tone because I was totally going to clean out that closet Monday or Tuesday. (Sorry Mom, but you can act like a typical dumb blonde at times, especially when you've had a glass of wine, As a matter of fact I think you were drinking wine when Ron was talking to you, so there you go)

That's mom and my baby bro, See the wine glass? They both were drinking.

Where was I? Oh yeah, So the only thing I told Ron I wanted was an ipad. But ever since the first time we heard of them Ron has been telling me that they are dumb because it's basically an over sized itouch, which I already have. And he thinks they are dumb because A) it only has wi-fi right now B) he doesn't think it can play quicktime videos (like the itouch) C) it doesn't hook up to a printer and D) only comes with 16G of memory.

But I don't care, I want it. Spoken like a true brat hu? 

I love you ipad! Even if I don't get you I will always love you. Ron has always been such a good gift giver. I'm sure I will get something that I "needed" before my love affair with the ipad started.

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Lindsey said...

Ahh my bday is May 10th and urs is the 9th...what a winkie dink. I was born on Mothersday and last year my 1st mothers day was also my 25th bday lol