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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why Flamingos?

Like our new digs? My sis designed all this cuteness for us. "But Jen, why flamingos?" Well honestly if you are really close to Ron and I, you would know without asking and more than likely had your yard "flocked" by us.

See when I met Ron, I hadn't given a single thought to pink flamingos in years. Then I meet him and he has this prized tacky yard art flamingo, you know the kind that you commonly find outside a trailer. (AKA mobile home)  And even though Ron owning pink plastic flamingos wasn't the weirdest thing I learned he collected, I still thought it was bizarre that this grown ass man who never even lived in a trailer had one. And then I met Ron's college friends and learned that the pink flamingo was the star of many drunken night's photo shoots. It was kinda his thing. Ron was known around his group of friends as the guy who parties with pink plastic flamingos. You gotta admit, It kinda works. Well you just have to know him. Trust me it works for him.

So fast forward a few years down the road, my mom had a birthday coming up and we were trying to think of something to do to surprise her. And I had heard of those folks you could hire to flock your friends for birthdays and such. But it was kinda expensive, and they only  left them up for about an hour or something weird like that. So I started searching the internet to see if we could buy some and do it ourselves.

And that is exactly what we did. See our flock? That's grandpa in the back, mom and dad and 50 babies. We have gotten several people with our flock. So that's why the flamingos. When people think of us, they think of flamingos. This last pic is from our friend's wedding. 
photo courtesy of Camille Campbell

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Camille said...

heehee I love it!! :)