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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I love giraffes. And so does Evan. Well at least we assume he does. I painted a series of animal paintings for Evan's room before he was born. They were a lion, giraffe, and a monkey. I placed them over his changing table so he could have something to look at while I changed him.

I never expected for him to like the giraffe the most, I actually kinda pegged him for a lion lover. But when ever since that first diaper change, he stares at that giraffe. So much that we named him "Friend" and whenever it was changing time I would say "There's your friend! Say Hey Friend!" And he would instantly look at Friend and smile.So now I am obsessed. Any giraffe toy or baby item in giraffe print I can get my hands on, is his. I just can't help myself. It's just so stinkin cute!

Giraffe Mat:

Giraffe Mobile:

Giraffe Book

Giraffe Play Yard

Giraffe Teething Toy

Giraffe Growth Chart

Giraffe Picture Frame

What if when he grows up he tells me "I've always hated giraffes, I would stare at them to make them go away!" Wouldn't that be awful?


Calum Karczewski said...

Somehow managed to stumble into this blog on my internet travels - Fascinating how enjoyable to read this is, usually the more 'personal' blogs are full of private jokes and references but this one is great :) Good stuff.

P.s - I think the flamingos atop this blog should most definately be changed to giraffes :) x

Jen and Ron said...

Thanks, my far away friend! And FYI I have talked to my blog editor (my sis) about the giraffes. Great Idea!