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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just let me vent a while.

So I know I am overweight. I realize I am carrying 30 extra pounds since pregnancy. I am aware. No amount of double takes and stares of disbelief and snarky comments will make me more aware. I get it.

What I DON'T get is why some folks have no class or how some folks mommas just didn't raise them right. How does someone (especially a female) not know that its not cool to make comments about another female's weight? Similarly, how do you NOT know that it's not cool to make comments about a pregnant or postpartum lady's weight? HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW?

OK so when you come up to me and make the "What happened to you?" look and make comments about how fat I am, the first thing I am going to think about you is A) You have no class B) you are ignorant C) your mother must not have raised you right. Because seriously, if you know I just had a baby, then you KNOW "what happened?" to me. And seriously, who does that? Trash that's who. And that's what I think anyone who has done this to me is. I may joke around with you at the time when you say these offensive things to me. But I secretly think you are trash.

And with the exception of maybe one person, I still weigh less or about the same as the people who say these things and wear the same size or smaller clothes. So why waste your energy trying to knock me down a notch? You think it really makes their day to know they have hurt someone's feelings?  I seriously have never said anything nasty to any of these people (some I don't even know).Yet, people think it is OK to come up to me and just let anything slip out.

And I am not one of those people who say "I have no idea why people pick on me?" and really kinda deserve it. (Kate Gosselin comes to mind). I am nice to everyone. Seriously nice, cause my momma raised me right. "If you don't have something nice to say, then say nothing at all." I will only talk about you behind your back to my family and Carley after you have done something to offend me.

Just Sayin, Jen


Will and Carley said...

and I will always agree with you!

Camille said...

Who is doing these things? Do I need to come back there and kick somebody's @$%?!. grrrr... This makes me mad.

They obviously are incredibly insecure.

Camille said...

...and, yes, I realize my last comment was kinda trashy, too...