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Monday, April 26, 2010

Daddy's Unnatural Breastfeeding Knowledge

Let me begin this story by notifying you that this is Ron posting.  I have never posted before and always let Jen play on the blog.  Becoming a father has been a wonderful experience for me I love my little man very much and I am learning so many new things everyday because of him.  As most of you know Jen has been breastfeeding since Evan was born.  If you would have asked me a year ago to tell you everything I know about breastfeeding this would be my answer:  I know that your boobs get huge and it's the best way to feed your baby.  Yesterday I discovered that I now know a little too much.  While shopping with Jen we went to Target to buy a bigger breast shield for her pump.  Of course they did not have a big enough size so we went to Toys R us to get one that would work.  Wouldn't you know they did not have the right one either.  So I decided to call Babies R us before we drove across town and risk them not having it either.  This was very embarrassing for me being a man calling a store and asking if they had a certain size breast shield for a breast pump. To any man reading this blog this is worse than the dreaded tampon run.  The worst part of the phone call was after the clerk went to check she proceeded to tell me that medium is the largest size they make.  As I was explaining to her that they make a large and extra large shield I realized I knew a little too much about breastfeeding.  If anyone is wondering I called the baby store in Jackson today and found the right size shield. And yes it was the highlight of my day and I was way too excited to get off work and go by the store to buy it.

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