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Monday, April 19, 2010

McFatty Monday

So I didn't make my goal for my friend's wedding. And I didn't weigh in on Friday for Fat Friday. I was gonna weigh in Sunday when I got back in town, but you know how that goes. Oh well I can start working towards my new goal: summer vacay May 22nd, Gulf Shores. Oh Lordy A BATHING SUIT!

Anyway I weighed in on the trusty Wii Fit who helps really make me feel like a fat ass. Every time I step on the balance board to weigh in she says "OH!" Like I might break her with my "obesity" as she puts it. And the 3 lbs I lost last week, there back plus .2. See I told ya.

Oh well I wasn't doing so great towards the end of the week with my eating. And the wedding, I blew it all out the water. But the wedding was way fun! Even though I wasn't the skinniest bridesmaid. Actually I was standing next to a 7 month preggo (who was totally cute) and we looked the same size in the pictures.

But here's  pic of my Mii. She's still fat.


Camille said...

...but she's a cute wittle mii :P

Lindsey said...

Welcome back from the wedding. We can do this, we are going to look in bathing suits by the time vacay rolls around. BtW, we have two new fellow Fat Friday teammates!

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

She's a CUTE little mii!

& I'm sure you looked gorgeous!