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Monday, May 17, 2010


Lindsey over @ Rocking the Mini-van nominated me for an award and part of the award involves me answering some questions. So here we go.

1. Why do you blog? I blog for a means of recording our lives since we became a "we." Also it is an outlet sometimes. I also blog so family and friends from out of town can feel like they are right here with us watching all of Evan's firsts.
2. What  is your favorite food addiction? Chocolate chocolate and more chocolate.
3. If you had the whole day to yourself, what would you do with your time? I usually do have a couple of days a week off of work. And I spend the day with Evan playing. If I had a day all to myself, I guess I would get a facial, massage, a manicure and pedicure, and my hair and makeup done. Then I want Ron to take me out for dinner and a movie.
4. What made you decide to be a SAHM or a working mom? I would love to be a stay @ home mom but unfortunately I can not have the big fancy house and all that I want for Evan without my income. So, for now, I'll be working.
5. What would be your dream job? I would love to have a baby store where I sold the cutest baby stuff plus cloth diapers, since there is no where in this state to buy them. That way I can bring my boo-man to work with me. 
6. What show do you secretly watch that no-one else knows about? Kendra, I started watching after she had her baby. I wanted to know how a playboy bunny loses the baby weight.
7. If you were on extreme makeover, what would be the 1st thing you would want them to change about you? I would need some major liposuction
9. Big family or small family? Normal size family. I want to have a little girl so we will try for a girl next time.
10. What 2 blogs can you not live with out?    
Heir to Blair
Spilt Moo Juice

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Camille said...

Heck yeah, you can't live without some Moo Juice!! ;)