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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day and I wanted to do a post in her honor. My mom is the most talented person I know. And I am not just biased, she really is. Growing up with her as a mother definitely had it's perks, especially around school project time. All you would have to do is just mention something to her and she could whip up something amazing. It is definitely where my sister gets it from. I just wanted to make a list of all the things my mom is great at, and I appreciate every one.

She is a:
1. Singer: she sings wonderful. My whole life I grew up around her singing and have her to thank for my love of music. Here is her youtube page with her singing some classics and some originals.
2. Painter:

She is now an accomplished painter, and has her art displayed in a local gallery as well as some local business and homes here and cross country.
3. Author: She as written, illustrated and wrote songs for a children's book that has not been published yet. It is a wonderful book and teaches great morals.
4. Cheerleader: she is always my siblings and my greatest cheerleader. I remember her helping me and my fellow cheerleaders making huge banners for my pep rallies, and she was at every game to watch me perform.
5. Gymnastic's coach: After school we would go to our church for after school care. My mom was one of the after school teachers. She would line us up and teach us all gymnastics. She taught me my first backhand spring.
6. Sculptor: she can make anything. Be it stained glass, clay, or grocery bag, if she can think it she can create it. I remember for one our Halloween parties she made a 16 foot paper mache loch ness monster, 10 foot killer taradactyl, 6 ft tarantula, and 18 ft long anaconda.
7. Jewelry maker:

She makes and sells jewelry at a local boutique here in Madison. And it's sooo pretty.
8. Guitarist: she basically taught herself guitar
9. Pianist: she had piano lessons like forever ago but still can play the Entertainer like it ain't no body's business.
10. Song writer:  here is a link to her Youtube site where you can listen to all of her songs.
11. Decorator: she has great taste and can decorate a house or business as good as a professional.
12. Dog Trainer: she can train a dog, pig, bird, you name it she can train it. She always said training kids is the hardest though.
13. she makes the best chicken spaghetti and Lasagna ever: Nuff said!!
14. Web designer: Once again a self taught feat. here is a link to her own website she created The Creative Thumb
15. Beautician:

she has been helping others feel beautiful for 30 years now. Not to mention me for 30 years.
16. Comedian:

she is one of the goofiest people I know, that has to be where I get it from. Growing up she always took my stuffed animals and tucked their tails in between their legs. Perverted? yes, but she gave me my sense of humor, which in turn allowed me to attract my  husband and his very unique sense of humor. So see the universe makes sense.
17. Animal Lover: Thanks to her undying compassion for animals (a trait I inherited) I now have 2 cats, 2 dogs, fish, and a rabbit. And probably a bird soon.
18. Party Planner: Ahhh the parties, when I was in 8th grade she planned the most outrageous Halloween party that was worthy of that show My Sweet 16, because no expense was too much. She dropped thousands and definitely could have worked for universal studios.
19. Spiritual Soul: . She is always reading and researching more ways to be more spiritually aware.
20. And lastly a Mother:

 She has taught me about unconditional love, and how I want to be as a mother. I don't want to be just like her, I want to be better, which I know are some hard shoes to fill but, isn't that what every mother wants for her child?

I love you Moma, Happy Mother's Day
Love, Jen

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Camille said...

I love it!

I'm thinking about copying/pasting all this into my own blog post and replacing the pictures of you with me... bwahaha!