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Monday, July 26, 2010

Lombardi Trophy

So this particular day Ron calls me up and says "Hey since your sis is living with us now, we should totally take advantage of her being there and go to a movie tonight, You wanna go see Inception tonight and let her watch Evan?" To which I replied "Uh, Yes! Duh"

So I am all excited to go see the movie and Ron calls back a few hours later, and in his most excited voice ever says "You wanna know what's better than going to see a dumb ole Leo D' CRAPio movie? (that's what he calls him not I) 
And I'm like "What" And I must admit his excitement had me a little jazzed up, I thought maybe they were giving away Ipads at the Apple store or something.

 "Going to see the Vince Lombardi trophy at the Jackson visitors complex"

Crickets Chirping
"The Super Bowl Trophy Jen, The Saints are taking the trophy on tour so their fans can see it"

So we went and took Evan for the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Saints Super bowl trophy. Besides we can see Inception any time. Who would want to see a Blockbuster hit as compared with standing in a long line to see a shiny silver football, that has more security around it than the president? We would thats who. And we created beautiful memories. SEE:

See how cute Ron's face is? How could I say no to that face?

BTW everyone was in love with the baby legs. And why is Ron holding him like that?

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