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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Bro

My sister totally Jedi mind tricked me and stole my idea about blogging about my bro. So I will write my own post and now it looks like I copied her but oh well.

My baby bro (pictured above) is the coolest person I know. He is one of those people whom you just naturally want to be around. He has the best personality and is super fun. When you get me and my brother and sister together we never stop laughing. In fact, he is so cool that I frequently have people who want to be my friend so that they can get closer to him. Now thats cool. No one ever has befriended someone to get close to me.

What kinda pisses me off though, is if you are my friend first, then you wiggle your way into being my brother's friend, then act like you don't know me. That is unfortunately the case with a certain person and Jake just doesn't see it. He thinks it's all innocent enough. He's like that. He has no idea what the real world is like. See he is so beautiful, that things just sorta always work out for him. He always has the best experiences and opportunities ALWAYS just fall into his lap.

For example, I remember this one time we went shopping at the mall. And EVERY store we went into the sales people were falling all over themselves to dress him and help him. They never asked me once if I needed anything. They were running all over the store grabbing stuff and complimenting him.

 In 2 separate stores on the same day, the salesperson even ran in the back to grab the newest jeans that had just arrived for him to try on. They weren't even supposed to be selling them yet, they hadn't priced them yet. But he just really wanted Jake to try them on. And maybe I am wrong but I totally got the straight vibe from this guy.

When I talked to Jake about how he was being treated and how I couldn't believe sales people could even act that way... You know what he said to me? "Well they probably know I'm serious about finding the perfect jeans" Oh dear sweet nieve little brother.

I am not jealous or anything, I just don't think he realizes how lucky he has it some times. He has had hard times too believe me. But I feel like now he is definitely getting back some good karma.

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Camille said...

dang. when's my good karma gonna kick in???