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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3 Year Anniversary

This is what I had waiting for me when I woke up this morning. 

Along with this:

This is our "Leather Year." So Ron got me the cow because that is where leather comes from. Clever Hu?
And the little married couple cake topper? He's just weird I think he found it in a clearance section of one of the stores he works. Then next to this he had a card. After I read the card it had an arrow pointing into the kitchen and said look out the window. So I look and see this:

Wind chimes. I Love Wind chimes. They sound so relaxing and peaceful. In fact I have a noise maker in our bedroom and it stays on 24/7 playing wind chimes sounds. We can't sleep in our house without that sound.

Evan's Nanny, who is a marvelous cook made us shrimp n' grits and brought them to the house along with a chocolate chess pie (mmmmm!). And we just chilled at the house and had a family dinner. It was perfect really. 

I got Ron a brown and black leather belt and a cool flask with leather around it. And in Ron's usual fashion, he returned everything but the brown belt. Just like last year for our "Cotton Year", he returned all the undershirts, underwear and socks. 

We wrote in our journal that Ron got us for our first anniversary (our "Paper Year") We always write what we did on our anniversaries, what we got each other, then we list out stuff like how much milk costs, movie tickets, stamps, who the president was, big news events, what cars we are driving, stuff like that. 
On the front inside cover I wrote down our vows that we said to each other on our wedding day bc they weren't the usual "honor and obey" ones. They were more contemporary and more "us". Anyway, every year we get the book out and read our vows and remember our special day. 

I am still working on a coffee table book of our wedding so we can look at that on our anniversary. And I have made and edited a video of all the parts of our wedding, I just need to burn it to a disc. So that way we can watch it every year as well. 

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