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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Updating the Blog

Tomorrow I am going to update my blog @ the request of my bestie Carley. She may literally be the only one who reads my blog. So Car this is for you. Sorry I have been too busy blogstalking other mommy blogs and desperately wishing that I could have my own cute button to stick on my page for the hundreds of followers I have so they can "stick it" on their page. And also, how do you get one of those cute icons that show up on the tabs of the page you are looking at? I am going to have to discuss this with my sister. I will have a cute icon! Carley, my only blog reader, as my witness, I will have a cute button or icon or both.


Will and Carley said...

you're so fancy with your cute fonts and what not.....maybe when you get a button, your blog will take off like the Pioneer Woman and YOU can be on Fox and Friends talking about baby legs, cloth diapers and such. But, you have to take me with you to NYC, I mean I have been here since the beginning.

Blair said...

She's not the only one :) I'm just terrible at commenting.

and what tabs? I do have a link that explains how to put your button in the side-bar once you make a button!