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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Usually we have a Super Bowl party @ our house. But this being E's first super bowl and him being too young we decided to have our own lil family super bowl party instead. Even though both teams were in my top 3 fav teams of all time, I was rooting for the Saints because they have never been to the Super Bowl and after Katrina they brought so much hope back to New Orleans. It really has been a fairy tail ending for all of them.

This is him after the Colts got the first touchdown.

So because I was for the Saints, Ron decided to root for the Colts. A few weeks before the game I started searching for baby onesies that had both team logos on them. But I couldn't find anything online, so I decided to make my own. I had some t-shirt iron on paper left over from some craft I had done in the past, so I downloaded the logos on the paper and ironed them on two plain white onesies.

Too tuckered out to change outfits

Our intentions were to have E in one outfit for the first half and change him to the other during halftime. But he fell asleep before half time and we didn't want to wake him. But we did manage to get some cute pics.

Jen and Ron

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