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Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Meds

After 4 days of trying to soothe a pitiful unhappy lil man, We have a new medicine. Levsin.

Last night Ron, Evan, and I were @ Walmart and ran into an old friend whom I haven't seen in years. She had her cute threesome of kids with her and she immediately ran up to Evan and wanted to hold him. He was of course fussing and making a scene. (Thats the rule right? Kids have to act up in Walmart) I had to ask if she was sure she wanted to hold the little fussy man? She told me "Of course! I had a colicky one so I'm used to fussy babies!" I immediately started asking her what interventions she tried and which ones worked? She told me about different holding positions and asked if I had used Mylicon. I told her that he was on Zantac, and the Mylicon didn't do squat. She then told me that the Dr gave her a script for something similar to Mylicon but stronger. I immediately went home and started Googling. (Isn't this ridiculous? I'm a nurse and the majority of my medical knowledge comes from Google) I read about Levsin and studied the side effects in my drug book.

The next day, before a 6 hour trip to Atlanta, I called the Dr and told her about how he cries and turns red from puuuuushing! And how tight his stomach is and how I can FEEL it girggling. And also how he cries in his sleep. (it really was such a pitiful sight seeing lil man sleep-crying) I told her I think he has severe painful gas and Mylicon doesn't touch it. She called us in a script for Levsin. Thanks to all my research, I already knew every about this drug.

That was the first night Evan slept through the night. I feel bad that I have to give my baby drugs to make him a "happy" baby. But at the same time I worry: How is it possible for him to hit his developmental milestones and develop his personality if he is crying all the time? I hate giving him medicine, but I do take breaks from the medicine to evaluate if he still need them. Every day I hope for a day where I don't have to give my lil man drugs just to see his sweet lil smile.


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