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Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is whats happening at my house.....

See this lovely couple? They are a wedding cake topper that Ron got me for our anniversary this year. But here's what is happening to this couple. Ron has been hiding them all over our house. At first they were in very obvious places. Like I would turn on the lights as I would be walking into the living room, and they would be sitting on top of my TV or fireplace. Then they would show up in my car or I'd get to work and they would be in my purse. Now the game has extended to my sister, neice, and nephew. So now we all take turns hiding them from each other. I don't know it's kinda fun, and on some days brings a smile when you least expect it. Thanks Ron for being you.


Shane D. said...

That's a great game. We have a bobble head doll of me that gets hidden in different places during the holidays. My wife once hid it in the manger scene as one of the three wise men.

Camille said...