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Friday, September 10, 2010

Amber teething necklace

When Evan was teething so bad and I was at my wits end trying to think of ways to soothe him, I started googling. I googled Old wives tales, home remedies, and alternative measures to help my little boo. I finally stumbled across an amber teething necklace.

I had seen them a long time ago and thought "I gotta get one of those when I have a baby" and totally forgot about them. But I ordered one the other day and when it got here, I immediately put it on Evan. And I swear it started working instantly. He was less fussy from that day on. And he looks so stylish. Ron thought he looked like a hippy, but if it helps soothe him, then lets bust out the tie-dyed shirts and pachouli!

I thought that if anyone was reading my blog and wondered about the necklace, well here's your answer. Plus I recommend them for anyone who's having trouble with a teething babe.

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