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Saturday, October 24, 2009

David's Star Wars Birthday

For David's Birthday we wanted to do something special, so since one of his favorite phrases is "Use the Force," we decided that Star Wars was the way to go. And who doesn't want to be Darth Vader? So we planned for weeks and ordered our costumes and yesterday the day was finally upon us. We planned so when he got off work, no one would be home but only a Darth outfit and an envelope with strict instructions to be dressed and ready by 1800. At that time he would receive a call from the Sith Lord (Camille). She called him via his "communicator" and gave him directions to await for the Death Star (limo) to arrive. Then with the useful tips from the Sith Lord, he figured out the clues to his first destination, Kroger in Madison, where he found C3P0 (Ron) on the beer isle. They then both returned to the Death Star and C3P0 informed Darth that a member of his Empire was captured and they must go to their 2nd destination to release him. David/Darth knew immediately that it must be his Storm Trooper Jake @ the Madison Police Department. But being men, and only concerned with how they were going to get their beers open, they didn't even notice the limo was headed the complete opposite direction towards Canton! Thankfully they did not get too far and rerouted the Death Star in time to release the handcuffed Storm Trooper Jake. Jake then notified Darth that the police confiscated his weapons and they needed to head to Madison Walmart to buy a new weapon. Yoda (Jen) was awaiting for them in the weapon isle (AKA Toys), but not before running into friends while wearing her ridiculous green face and outfit. It's Wal-Mart for crying out loud, of course you are going to run into someone you know while looking like crap. But I digress. After hinting that maybe Darth needs to head towards the Planet Tatooine, to the famous cantina from the original star wars movies, we headed to Applebees where we met up with Anakin Skywalker's true love Queen Amidala (Gena). Every time Darth met with a member of his party, Star Wars trivia questions were asked (which I must say, David was not great at answering). Even though he did not get the questions right, he still got his gifts from everyone. It was after all HIS birthday. After Applebees Padme Amidala then entered the coordinates to her home planet of Naboo (Nana's House) via the captain/ limo driver (whom by the way, was the best sport about all the craziness that is our family, he may have had as much fun as we did). At the planet Naboo, we had the traditional birthday song, cake and of course more presents. We were limited on time so we could not attack the star wars themed pinata as planned, so we opted to take the pinata with us and whack it later. Our last destination lead us to downtown Jackson to the Planetarium (it is sadly the only spacey thing to do in Jackson) to watch the stars and a movie about the planets. It was a fun night that we all hope David will remember forever.

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MILLEART said...

I absolutely LOVE all the pics!!! It looks like it was so much fun! Wish we could have been there. :( But at least Christian wants a Star Wars party, too, so y'all can 'recycle' the costumes!